About EasyTabs Clinic


EasyTabs Clinic is developed using FileMaker Pro Advanced. FileMaker is a powerful, easy-to-use database that allows for fast, efficient and accurate record keeping. One of its strongest features is the Report feature, allowing for the display of numerous reports on your business.

EasyTabs Clinic is available as a ‘runtime’ solution and as a Fully Licensed Filemaker solution.

Runtime Solution

The Trial Version of EasyTabs is a runtime solution. This means that all layouts and features are “hard-wired”, with the user not being permitted to modify or create layouts or processes.

Most of EasyTabs sales are as “runtime” solutions. A runtime solution has distinct advantages in that it greatly reduces the initial costs to the user because the end-user does not have to own a Filemaker license to run/use the complete solution as it stands.

Runtime Limitations:

  1. Runtime solutions cannot be networked
  2. Runtime solutions do not allow for the creation of PDF documents

If either of these two features are important to you, then you must consider the one-time fee for the FileMaker Licensed Software.

FileMaker Licensed Software

EasyTabs Clinic is available to those who own a FileMaker License. With a FileMaker License, EasyTabs features expand significantly. Some of these features include:

Currently, we have a limited number of users who have opted for the FileMaker License option. We are quite sure that this is because of the increase in start up costs and the basic computer skills that one would need to maximize the options available. In the Runtime Solution, EasyTabs developers have thought of just about every feature that the Independent Massage Therapist will need to have a Virtual Front Office.

Getting Started

To get started with EasyTabs, do the following:

  1. Download the appropriate EasyTabs version (Mac or Windows)
  2. Install the program, following the prompts as they appear
  3. Launch the software using the ShortCut that will have been placed on the desktop (Windows Version)
  4. Change the Account Name to “Trial”
  5. Enter the Password “Trial” (the Password is case-sensitive)
  6. You have 20 openings during which you can “test drive” the solution.
  7. When you decide to purchase a license, click here.
  8. You will be taken to the EasyTabs purchase page where you will select your subscription period and you will be forwarded to our secure payment site where you will be instructed to enter your payment options. After we have received confirmation that your payment has been approved, we will send you Access Codes that you will enter in place of the Trial Codes. All data that you entered during the trial will be available in the fully licensed version.
  9. At the end of the License period (1 year, 2 years, or 3 years), you will receive a notice 15 days in advance of the expiry. As soon as you return to the website and purchase a new license, we will send you a pass code that will update your computer to the new expiry date.
  10. If you choose not to renew your license, you will have complete access to all of your data. However, you will not be able to create new records. (You will be able to export your data to other formats such as Excel, even though your license has expired).