EasyTabs Licensing Policies & Procedures


EasyTabs software is marketed under a License Agreement. This document serves to outline the policies conditions surrounding the License Agreement. Specifically, this document specifies what support and service is included in the Agreement and how the support and service are to be delivered.

License Agreement

With the purchase of a License Agreement, the purchaser can expect the following:

  1. The software will perform as outlined in advertisements, brochures, discussions with developer, etc.
  2. We will provide tutorial support regarding the features in the EasyTabs program; however, support will not be provided for basic computer literacy skills.
  3. This support will be in the form of telephone discussions, email messages and online tutorials.

Repairs, updates & tweaks

  1. From time to time, software may develop a “bug”, or a button may become “dead”. These errors will be corrected at no charge to the user. Likewise, when/if a feature requires tweak to improve a feature (especially if the performance of the features does not reflect what was advertised), the tweak will be done at no cost.
  2. As the underpinning software (FileMaker Pro) is improved with new releases, new tools will become available. These new tools may result in new features being included in new versions of the EasyTabs program. These improvements fall under the heading of Software Updates. Updates will available to a user on the anniversary of the License Agreement. They will not be carried out immediately upon their inclusion of a new version of the software. Some Updates will incur a cost/fee.

Process for performing a repair, tweak or update

  1. There are two methods for performing a “fix”:

The first method requires that the user learn a process by which a file gets compressed (zipped) and is attached to an email message. This results in the software being “out of use” in the clinic during the period the data is being transfer by us. To reduce the length of time that the program is “out of service” it will be important to have the user book a specific time with us to carry out the process.

The process can take from 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the issues involved and the capacity of the internet to perform the upload/download required.

The second method requires that the user have some facility with a computer. Specific steps are spelled out in another part of this document, but in short, the user would have to Export the data to a preset folder, transfer the folder to a safe location, delete the existing program, install the new program, transfer the saved folder to the new program and, finally, Import the data from this folder into the new program.

This method can take as few as 5 minutes; therefore, for the large clinic with multiple users, it may be advantageous to have a person on staff who gets trained to perform this function.

Security of the Database & Program Backup

E-Records provide users with features and support that, quite simply, are not available with a paper and pen process. However, unlike paper & pen, the data/information on a computer can be extremely insecure. This is because of the inherent vulnerability of electronic storage. More specifically, computer software is susceptible to everything from theft, power surges, hardware malfunction, software crashes and user error. Any one of these events can destroy a volume of data that can surely frighten most of us.

For these reasons, it is extremely import that users learn and practice appropriate and safe methods for protection of their data and their investment.

Here are some basic suggestions:

  1. Back up the EasyTabs program on a regular basis to a device that is separate from the drive on which it is normally. This can be a memory key that is inserted into the USB port; another drive on your computer itself; a CD, etc.
  2. Keep your computer running smoothly by invoking some of the Clean Up utilities that are now available on all computers.

Our responsibility to your data management

It is important that we state clearly what we can do and what we cannot do when events at the user end conspire to compromise data. To be very clear, if the method for backing up EasyTabs software (as demonstrated in the online tutorial) is followed, no data should be lost in the event of a crash. In fact, because EasyTabs is most often purchased as a runtime solution, (which means you do not have to own a FileMaker Pro license), you can transfer your saved program to any other computer of the same platform and run immediately.

Given the above information, there should be no data loss from a crashed computer. The advantage to the memory key and/or CD option is that even when/if the computer is stolen, you still have your complete program available.

With this as background, we agree to the following:

  1. When an appropriate backup process is followed, we will provide you with guidance on how to get back “up-and-running” at no charge. 2. When data has not been managed in a secure and appropriate manner, data recovery will be attempted by us at a fee of $75/hr.

Please note that it is important that you read the License Agreement that appears for your perusal prior to running the software for the first time. That document spells out clearly what responsibilities we have regarding the EasyTabs software and what compensation, if any, would be provided in the event of data loss.